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From rough to retail, the journey of the finest Kama Jewellery.
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    India's gems and jewellery exports are likely to grow by up to 15 per cent this fiscal.
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Quality at work

All jewelry designs at Kama Schachter are exclusive creations, well researched and crafted meticulously by the finest of artisans. And while ensuring high quality of products, we also adhere to the professional standards of certified jewelry, on-time delivery and timely customer support. Our prime focus is to deliver consistent quality of jewelry that the customer deserves.

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  • Titan Industries
    Anil Kotian
    Manager- Outsourcing

    Titan Industries

    The work culture at Kama prompted us to do business with them. Like us, they follow a corporate work culture. Their state of the art manufacturing facility, highly professional and skilled team has made our relationship stronger. Also their open mindedness to change and readiness to accept challenges has helped us immensely in our working relationship. The benefits of working with Kama have been multifold.

    Not only do they offer quality products, but are also equipped to manage any kind of work load and constantly offer product innovations. Kama’s products are different from the rest which gave us an opportunity to explore new possibilities in the market. [ Read More ]

  • C Krishniah Chetty & Sons
    C Vinod Hayagriv
    Managing Director

    C Krishniah Chetty & Sons

    We started business with Kama, much before they became a Schachter. Our introduction to them was as a professional, clean manufacturing company. We have found that to be true over the ages. When promoters of a business have good intentions any problem can be handled with ease. That has been the reason for our long-term association. There has never been an unresolved issue, although we are a demanding client. We enjoy working with their teams and feel comfortable in continuing the relationship. Colin himself personally is an affable gentleman who's demeanor flows through the organization.

  • Bholasons Jewellers
    Subhash Bhola
    Managing Director

    Bholasons Jewellers

    We have a very strong business relationship with Colin and Kama that dates beyond 10 years now. Our journey has been an excellent experience in itself. Among the benefits of working with Kama are its consistent quality, perfect service and a young, co-operative professional team. What promoted us to work with Kama Schachter are its bank of innovative and unique designs. Their designs are better finished and connect better with customers. As light weight jewellery appeals to modern day working women & youngsters, these designs are fast moving and have a high turnover ratio. For any jewellery store that keeps Kama products, it provides uniqueness to their inventory and receives a good response. Kama’s well designed, well finished products would definitely increase sales turnover ratio and therefore be highly profitable.