Platinum is the strongest and the most durable of all metals. It is an extremely rare metal, rarer than Gold. Due to its rarity it is also an expensive metal. It has only been found in a few locations worldwide - Russia's Ural Mountains, South Africa's Merensky Reef and a few small mines in the US and Canada. The annual worldwide production of platinum amounts to some 160 tons, compared to about 1,500 tons of gold.


Platinum purity is expressed differently than gold. Instead of expressing purity in ratios of 24 parts, platinum standards are expressed as units of a 1,000 parts.

  • 950 – 95% pure platinum
  • 900 – 90% pure platinum
  • 850 – 85% pure platinum

Platinum Purities used in Kama :

950 – 95% pure platinum.