Colored Diamonds

Since time immemorial, fancy coloured diamonds have always been objects of delight of the rich and the famous are a phenomenon, rare and exceptional. Stones that are naturally coloured have held a pride of place in the patrons’ jewellery boxes, especially, the royalty, aristocracy and celebrities. Today, however, fancy coloured diamonds are becoming increasingly popular and coveted by all.

Naturally occurring coloured diamonds, those that are not colourless or white are rarely found, say one in about 1,00,00 diamonds. These are rare stones that comprise of merely a percentage of the total diamond population. Perhaps, this is what makes them more valuable.

These gemstones display a wider and far more superior spectrum of colours; and are commonly described by terms like light grey-blue, purplish-red, brownish-yellow etc. These diamonds are evaluated at par with the colour grade of Z or below and are deemed as True Fancy Colour Diamonds. More intense the colour, higher is the value.

At Kama, the most commonly used couloured diamonds are yellow & brown diamonds.

Fancy Yellow Diamond


The Yellow Colour is the most commonly occurring colour in Fancy Coloured Diamonds. Jewelry trends over the past few years have favored brighter hues, bringing colored stones into the mainstream. Presence of Nitrogen lends a diamond the yellow colour. They are also called Canary Diamonds. A green or brown may escort the yellow tint at times. In such instances, the diamond’s colour is logged with a mention of both colours – for example, brownish-yellow, or greenish-yellow.

Fancy Brown Diamond


A Fancy Brown Diamond is also described as cognac, champagne, and chocolate. This colour is usually a result of irregular structure of the crystal lattice and / or some impurities in the diamond. Predominantly sourced from Argyle Diamond Mine, Australia, their popularity grew in the 1980’s. The colour lends a subtly elegant and a glamorous look to the jewellery.

Fancy Green Diamond


Extremely rare, these diamonds get their green colour from natural radiation. Gemmologists and collectors of precious stones would reckon it a privilege to own such a priceless beauty. The green colour lends a trendy and radiant look to the jewellery. Of the Fancy Green Diamonds, the 41 carats Dresden Garden Diamond from India is the most illustrious green diamond known. Pure green diamonds are extremely rare and highly sought after by the collectors of fancy colored diamonds.

Fancy Grey Diamond


High amount of hydrogen in diamonds gives them the green colour and these are easily available. Their strong colour and relatively lower prices makes them a popular option. Grey is considered a secondary colour in the category of Fancy Grey Diamonds. They usually feature with primary colours in combinations of yellowish grey, light grey-blue, greenish grey, and other such blends. The grey diamond usually comes as a secondary hue in pink, yellow, green, blue, violet and purple stones producing either cool or warm tones.

Fancy Blue Diamond


The colour blue is the result of presence of boron and possibly hydrogen as well. Interestingly, some Fancy Blue Diamonds will glow when exposed to an ultraviolet light. This attribute makes it exceptional and understandably precious. Weather they glow or not, they are still held on a high pedestal for their delicate beauty that is almost dream like. The well-known Hope Diamond from Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C, is the biggest blue diamond that is sized at 45.53 carats.

Fancy Pink Diamond


hese dainty looking diamonds get their colour from impurities in the crystal and / or structural irregularities and occur rarely as compared to other colours. They are mainly sourced from Australia and in spite of being rare, and exuberantly priced, their demand has been on the rise. Fancy Pink Diamonds have been doing the rounds in celebrity media, with celeb personalities proclaiming their love with this uncommonly pink stone. The Darya-e-Noor, a pale pink diamond, weighing 182 carats and the Hortensia, a peach coloured diamond are the well-known of the pink diamonds.

Fancy Red Diamond


From all the Red diamonds that exist today, a miniscule percentage are of a pure red colour. These are the rarest of their kind and most hunted by collectors and regarded a collector’s pride. This colour is also the result of structural irregularities and / impurities in the crystal. Commonly, most red diamonds are graded as purplish red or brownish red. Nonetheless, Fancy Red Diamonds are one of the most rare and valuable diamonds, today. They have been known to be in possession of aristocrats and royal families. The most famous fancy red diamond is a Brazilian, Purplish Red Diamond, 0.95ct, which was sold at the Christies at $880,000.

Fancy Purple Diamond


Amethyst, plum, orchid, lilacs, grape, are the more commonly used terms to describe the rarest form of a coloured diamond – Fancy Purple Diamond. A large amount of hydrogen in the diamond gives it its purple colour. They are so rare, that not many gemmologists have enjoyed the opportunity of studying this stone. Even those purple diamonds that have secondary hues that are present in shades of pink, grey, brown, and red, are as scarce and extremely expensive. The Fancy Purple Diamond came to become more known after an 8 carat purple diamond, costing USD 4 million, was gifted by basketball star, Kobe Bryant, to his wife. However, experts still doubt the authenticity of there being a fancy purple coloured diamond of that size, as purple diamonds are known to be small sized.