About Us



Kama Schachter is one of Asia’s top ten jewelry manufacturers and its product line includes bridal, CNC & fashion jewellery. While most of Kama’s production is sold as generic jewelry to retailers around the world, a large portion is sold as private label brands.

Kama Schachter is dedicated to developing and implementing the most advanced technologies of jewelry manufacturing. This commitment is evident at every stage of the production pipeline.

1. Jewelry design with cutting edge CAD technology, using Matrix 8 and rapid prototyping on P4 Envision Tech.

2. Diamond sourcing at BKC, the heart of India’s diamond industry, with stringent quality checks for natural diamonds. Kama Schachter offers a broad and versatile range of diamond qualities.

Our diamonds are meticulously selected after an exhaustive evaluation. We ensure there is no CVD or lab grown diamonds in our jewelry.

3. Unsurpassed artistry and efficiency at Kama’s massive factories in Seepz and Goregaon in Mumbai, and uncompromising quality control.

4. Certification, on customer request, by third-party international laboratories such as GSI, IGI, DGLA and GIA.

Throughout this process Kama is true to its mission – to produce superior products at competitive prices.