About Us


At a Glance
  • Product Range – Produces bridal, CNC and fashion jewelry in gold, platinum and silver both as generic products and as Private Label brands. Every piece of Kama Schachter bridal, CNC and fashion jewelry undergoes microscope QC to ensure it meets the highest quality benchmark.
  • Private Label Brands – Our portfolio of private label brands offers retailers a brand building boost and allows us to tailor products to fit customer tastes. Our in-house marketing team strengthens these brands with point-of-sale materials, customized displays and other powerful branding tools.
  • Leo Schachter Diamonds – Our partnership with Leo Schachter, a major sightholder, gives
us access to a vast array of diamonds in clarities ranging from VS to I3, and in weights from 1 pt to 50 pts, catering to markets worldwide.
  • Business Efficiency – We have SAP-enabled our manufacturing and order processing solutions along with an integrated CRM platform to ensure efficiency.
  • Customer Service – Our 100% on time delivery with high quality is a priority. Retailer-specific private labels are one of our strengths.
  • Corporate Responsibility – Our commitment to the best ideals of social and environmental responsibility is reflected in our products, our people and our relationships with customers and partners. We are a BPP compliant company and we have proactively sought to align our systems and practices with the norms laid out by RJC.